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How to Kill Organizations

The Ten Commandments

1.                Miss as many meetings as you can.

2.                 If you are a member don’t think of attending.

3.                If you do attend, be sure to find fault with the officers and fellow members.

4.             Decline all offices, as it is easier to criticize than do things.

5.                Get sore if you are not put on a committee.

6.                 And if put on, fail to act.

7.                 If the chair asks your opinion be sure to keep silent, but later tell others what should have been done.

8.                 Do as little as possible and when others roll up their sleeves to help things along, howl because the clique is running things.

9.                 Delay paying dues as long as you can and delay answering all requests.

10.                  Never bother about getting new members – let George do it.

Author unknown
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