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150 years of Masonry in Marshall

1855 - 2005


St Albans Masonic Lodge #20 was chartered January 11th, 1855. The name St Alban comes from a saint of the Angelican Church, who became the first martyr of Britain.


The first Masonic meeting place was located above the business at 108 W. Mich Ave. where they met until 1869 when they sold the facility to the Oddfellows Lodge.

Masons then constructed a third floor above the buildings at 113, 115 East Michigan Ave. which they used until 1914 when they again sold to the Oddfellows Lodge.

In 1913, the Lodge erected a large Masonic Temple at 107 East Green Street

which served as a meeting place for several Masonic groups. The first meeting in the new Temple was held in May of 1914.

Over the years, many Masonic affiliated bodies used the Temple including:

St Albans Lodge #20,

Marshall Commandery #17, Knights Templar,

Lafayette Chapter #4, Royal Arch Masons,

Hiram Council #14, R & S M

Eudora Chapter #385, Order of Eastern Star,

White Shrine of Jerusalem,

Rainbow for Girls

DeMolay for Boys


 In 1987 a new Temple building was erected at 1320 South Kalamazoo Ave. which continues to serve today.


Masonry bars no man because of his religion, provided that religion is in accord with divine precepts and civil law. Masonry, being based on the Bible, contains nothing which should be objectionable to those who accept the Bible as a chart of life.

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